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After studying oil and gas exploration and development in geology school, Anithalee Alex, Jr. gained tremendous practical experience during the 1980s by working for several established oil exploration and development companies.

By being an integral part of management team and working closely with geologists and drillers Mr. Alex became experienced in oil exploration and oil field well management and built a network of unprecedented contacts in the field.

In 1990 Anithalee Alex Jr. founded US Oil & Gas Corp. and has focused most of the company’s exploration and development projects in Illinois, Kentucky and Indiana. Mr. Alex has drilled or participated in the drilling of many wells with production of over 2 Million barrels to this date.

Statistical History
Number of wells drilled or participated in
Number of dry wells
Number of producing wells
Over 200
Number of leases
Number of barrels produced to date
approximately 2,500,000
Number of years operating
Over 20

Wells like people are each different from one another. There are no two wells that behave exactly the same. Therefore it is very difficult and complex to analyze data in a uniform way and in great detail since the data might look deceiving. US Oil & Gas believes that its working interest holders should be well informed and presented with data that will reflect a true and conservative depiction of a potential participation.

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