History of Oil

         Crude Oil: Key Historical Events

          Fundamentals of Oil
               Finding Oil & Gas
               Securing Leases
               Drilling For Oil & Gas
               Evaluating/Well Logging/Coring
               Completing the Well
               Artificial Lifts/Injection Wells
               Oil Production/Secondary Recovery
               Waterflooding in the Illinois Basin
               Operation/Sale of Oil

          Why Participate in Oil

          Choose Your Participation Level

          Tax Advantages



Due to the diversity of our industry and its participation opportunity characteristics, as well as the fact that we are recovering oil and gas from traps located several thousand feet from the surface of the ground, our industry has always held a certain mystique and aura and to some degree believed to be of high risk. There is no way of guaranteeing success since until oil and gas flow though the well bore no one knows that there is 100% chance of commercial oil quantities.

There are different ways to explore for oil and gas. Very large oil companies usually explore in areas of high risk and where high capital expenditures are necessary, but expect a very high return as well. US Oil & Gas is a small company and therefore our participation opportunity philosophy is much more conservative. We believe that we can participate conservatively and with more caution and still present our working interest participants with very substantial returns for a long period of time. This is our mission!

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